Automotive Applications

Synthane Taylor stands for innovative products, visionary approaches and international production facilities.

since 1949 our partners from more than 20 industries rely on ISOVOLTA’s broad product portfolio with customized product developments. The passion for the combination of various materials with unique.

properties to superior technical laminates and composites let the ISOVOLTA GROUP become to a leading international player of the industry.

Comination of properties

SOVOLTA‘s laminates allow to unite required properties of various materials in one product. e.g. electrical insulation + thermal conductivity + mechanical strength

One Stop Shop

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#2 Converting

#3 Testing

#4 Training

**All information given here is based on currently available facts and on the results of experiments performed with all due care in our laboratories. It does not in any way reduce the responsibility of the user for carrying out further tests in order to ensure successful processing and use in specific applications.

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