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Solving the Long Lead Time Challenge

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Synthane Taylor is committed to excellence in customer service and part of what moves us to action is finding ways to work with customers on the challenges they face and together coming up with solutions that work. We’d like to share this story:


Synthane Taylor recently connected with a leading supplier of quality engineered electrical parts to discuss their standoff insulator needs. This company has been in business over 35 years and provides quality custom-built switchgear for a wide variety of applications. They manufacture medium voltage switchgear, arc-resistant switchgear, bus duct, control, metering and relaying panel, and customized electrical equipment for industrial and utility customers both nationally and internationally.


Synthane Taylor approached the company at a time when they were looking for better customer service and faster delivery turnarounds than they were getting from their current supplier. The customer had concern about the long lead time attached to the parts they needed as their requirements were in significant volume (e.g. 3000 to 20,000 units per order). Although the standoff insulator is a small part, the customer had to halt production if there were none in stock. A lead time of eight weeks was not unrealistic for this part and extended periods of downtime were costing the company money.


Through collaboration with the customer, Synthane Taylor was able to develop a stocking program that helped alleviate the long lead time issue that was plaguing the customer. With accurate forecasts, the customer was able to provide targets to Synthane Taylor who would then insure that they could very quickly turn around at least 50% of the total order. This enabled the customer to continue with production and eliminate downtime while the balance of the order was being processed.


Synthane Taylor has demonstrated to the customer that they are not only about selling a product. Their primary concern is to develop solutions that help customers improve productivity and maintain healthy bottom lines. By making a commitment to the customer, the customer has also made a commitment to Synthane Taylor. They have, in fact, brought additional business to Synthane Taylor primarily because of the service they had received and the follow up that was provided.

Are you experiencing a lead time challenge? Contact Synthane Taylor today and let us brainstorm a solution with you.

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