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Mechanical Insulation Best Practices from Thermal Insulation Assoc of Canada

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The members of the Thermal Insulation Association of Canada (, professionals in the manufacturing, fabrication, distribution and installation or removal of insulation materials, have determined that a “Best Practices Guide” consistent across Canada, would be of great benefit to the entire industry.

The data presently in publication across Canada varies greatly within the “design-build” community, insulation manufacturers, trade associations, contractors and individual owners or clients. To compile a set of reference materials in one document that can be maintained current, with timely updates, can only improve the economics and quality of the product supplied to the insulation customer. It will also improve the time required to estimate and the accuracy of contracts tendered by contractors.

This guide has been developed with the intent to make available a reference which can be utilized for most insulation projects in Canada. The TIAC Best Practices Guide is not meant to override Provincial specifications and other specialized project specifications. The material selection portion of the Guide is not an endorsement of any particular product nor is it the intent to suggest that products not included are not to be regarded as not acceptable alternatives.

This Guide has been prepared based on manufacturers technical information provided, however it is the specification writer’s responsibility to ensure that all products comply with applicable codes, regulations and standards.

The TIAC Best Practices Guide is made up in different sections, focusing on specific areas of the industry. The document will be updated on a timely basis, to maintain a current reference point to assist in system design, material usage and application practice.

Download the guide here:

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