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Relocating Your Transformer

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Transformers vary in size and weight depending on application. A typical mineral oil filled transformer can weigh between 7,000 and 400,000 pounds and range in size from 134,000 cubic inches to over 4 million cubic inches.

So how does one go about getting these vast pieces of equipment from where they are manufactured to their final destination?

There are companies specifically equipped to manage such a monumental move and their years of experience and skill make them the ideal choice for relocation.  Beyond the strength of the movers and their equipment, expertise in project management, engineering and transformer operations is critical for a successful move. The transport team needs to be fully versed with the manufacturer’s specifications as well as the customer’s requirements to ensure everything gets into place correctly the first time.

Here are the Basic Steps to Relocate Your Transformer:
1)    Disassemble – separate the unit  into components to be moved
2)    Package – prepare parts for shipment
3)    Load – onto truck, railcar (includes coordinating the right transportation for the size of transformer)
4)    Haul – coordinate rigger and heavy hauler to load move and unload the unit onto customer foundation (this includes obtaining all the appropriate clearances as required by various jurisdictions)
5)    Assemble – reassemble parts removed for shipment
6)    Oil Handling – remove, transport and process oil
7)    Test – conduct full range of tests to verify the new or relocated unit is ready for service

This brief list makes the process look simple – it is anything but. Any number of things can go wrong which is why you need a skilled team with plenty of field experience who can think and respond quickly to challenges.

Watch this incredible time lapse video of a move!

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