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Here is a recent customer story we’d like to share:

electric arc furnaceBackground:
Steel products are an integral part of people’s daily lives and can be found virtually everywhere: in the structure of homes, shopping centers, hospitals, bridges and hydroelectric plants, vehicles and farming equipment.  One world-renowned steel manufacturer employs over 40,000 and boasts locations throughout North America. This company serves customers all over the world in industries such as construction, industrial, and agricultural. The company offers a diverse product range from multiple locations, making flexibility and adaptability to customer needs and service primary concerns.

One of the electric arc furnaces had begun experiencing ‘arcing’.  This could result in injury to workers or severe and irreparable damage to the furnace itself. To replace the electric arc furnace would have been cost prohibitive and required a great deal of down time (which could cost between $50,000 and $100,000 per day in lost revenue), so a solution to repair the damaged area needed to be found.

The company contacted Synthane Taylor and asked them to come to their plant in Western Canada to see the problem area of the electric arc furnace and meet with supervisors and engineers to brainstorm a solution.

Synthane Taylor engineers and specialists flew out west where they worked with the customer and evaluated the electric arc furnace to see exactly where the arcing was taking place.  Together, they needed to figure out the best insulation part solution. Brainstorming sessions began and with Synthane Taylor’s expertise in material and application along with client expertise in tolerances within the furnace, the group came up with a viable, long-term solution.

While developing a permanent part, the team improvised a temporary fix using insulation materials provided by Synthane Taylor. This minimized downtime significantly so that the team could develop a final, permanent part to install. Within two weeks of their initial visit, Synthane Taylor and the client had developed final designs for the part to be developed and complete turnaround time for this project was 4 to 6 weeks.

Being able to create a temporary and then permanent solution with Synthane Taylor materials and expertise meant that the client experienced very little downtime saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. This part also means that the furnace will be functioning at peak efficiency.

The client is pleased with the solution. The new insulation part is custom engineered for fit and function, meaning that all steel components are well insulated for a safer piece of equipment.  Not only is the work environment safer for their employees, the insulation solution was cost effective and saved the client a significant amount of money.

Synthane Taylor’s ability to collaborate in developing short term and long term solutions for this client speak to their expertise in engineering applications for insulation materials. The Synthane Taylor priority on customer service is what enabled them to mobilize quickly, go to the customer, and develop innovative solutions.

The equipment has been running well since the new part has been installed and the client has gone on to purchase other insulation parts for other equipment. Synthane Taylor has gained and retained a valuable new client relationship.

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