Pultruded Products

Synthane Taylor carries Haysite pultruded products.

Pultrusions are constant profile parts formed by drawing Continuous Fiber Reinforcements through a resin bath that impregnates the fibers before entering a heated die, shaped in the finished profile. The part reaches its final form in the die when heat causes the resin to solidify into the desired profile.

client testimonial
  • We have a large stock of popular Pultruded Angle and Channel sizes.
  • High Strength, excellent Electrical Properties, Flame and Track resistant.
  • Standard Length is 10 Ft.
  • Custom cut sizes, Angles and Channels are always available.
  • All Channels come in standard colors : ETR-FR-C – Red, HST-II – Light Brown, EHC - Dark Brown, HYR - Natural.

Read below for more information on each specific pultruded product. Click on the images below for more information:

Pultruded Product Grades available from Synthane Taylor


A general purpose economy grade that offers 155ºC temperature performance. Typical uses include transformer dogbones and GPO-1 type electrical applications.


A class 220ºC material having high retention of physical and electrical properties at elevated temperatures. Uses include applications that require a material with high thermal indices.


Primarily a structural grade, HYR exhibits the highest mechanical properties available. Applications are Sucker Rods, Strain Rods, and other high strength requirements.


A flame-retardant material that finds many uses in electrical applications. ETR- FR-C-P is available in channel and angle form. This grade is UL recognized under File #E81893.

Read below for more information on our grades.

Technical Specs
Tolerances Channel & Angle Square, Rectangle and Dogbone Round
Straightness: 0.50"/Ft. Length +1-0" Length +1-0 As listed on diameter
Twist 1º/FT. Width +/- 1/16 Width +/- 0.032 Length +1-0"
  Height +/- 0.032 Height +/- 0.032  
  Angularity +/- 3º    
  Thickness +/- 0.020    

Haysite Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester Pultrusion Grades - Applies to all channels
(Typical Performance Values**)
Properties Test Method EHC-P HST-II-P HYR ETR-FR-C-P
*Approximate Temperature Class   155ºC 220ºC 130ºC 130ºC
Specific Gravity D-792 1.97 1.88 1.88 1.78
Water Absorption % D-570 .16 .28 .20 .18
Tensile Strength PSI D-638 35,000 40,000 70,000 16,000
Flexural Strength PSI D-790 65,000 70,000 85,000 22,000
Compressive Strength (Radially) PSI D-695 15,000 16,000 16,000 34,000
Impact Strength Izod, ft. lbs/in.notch D-256 40 40 58 14
Dielectric Strength Perpendicular, V.P.M. D-149 350 270 350 250
Dielectric Strength Parallel, K.V. D-149 43 45 42 63
Arc Resistance Seconds D-495 185 185 150 180
Incline Plane Track Resistance - 1/4" thick D2303 - - - 300
Flame Resistance UL 94 - 94 HB - 94V-0/td>
Standard Color - Light Brown Dark Brown Natural Red
Fiberglass % and Type - 55% Roving 55% Roving 70% Roving 35% Mat

*Actual Classification depends on end use and location of the material in a complete system.
**Unless otherwise indicated, all properties published are based on tests performed on standard ASTM test samples and according to ASTM test methods. Values shown are for test samples made from production materials and they are believed to be conservative. No warranty is to be construed, however. In fabricated or molded form, parts may vary considerably from this standard test data. Where specific or unusual applications arise, tests should be done on actual parts, and test procedures agreed upon between Haysite Reinforced Plastics and the customer.