Pultruded Products

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Pultruded Products

Pultrusions are constant profile parts formed by drawing Continuous Fiber Reinforcements through a resin bath that impregnates the fibers before entering a heated die, shaped in the finished profile. The part reaches its final form in the die when heat causes the resin to solidify into the desired profile.
  • We have a large stock of popular Pultruded Angle and Channel sizes.
  • High Strength, excellent Electrical Properties, Flame and Track resistant.
  • Standard Length is 10 Ft.
  • Custom cut sizes, Angles and Channels are always available.
  • All Channels come in standard colors : Red, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Natural.
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Pultruded Product Grades available from Synthane Taylor


A general purpose economy grade that offers 155ºC temperature performance. Typical uses include transformer dogbones and GPO-1 type electrical applications.


A class 220ºC material having high retention of physical and electrical properties at elevated temperatures. Uses include applications that require a material with high thermal indices.


Primarily a structural grade, HYR exhibits the highest mechanical properties available. Applications are Sucker Rods, Strain Rods, and other high strength requirements.


A flame-retardant material that finds many uses in electrical applications. ETR- FR-C-P is available in channel and angle form. This grade is UL recognized under File #E81893.