Our Customer’s Voice.....

We have been using Synthane Taylor as a supplier of wedges for customer jobs for many years. We are extremely satisfied with the quality of the products, their fast and efficient delivery, and the friendly staff who serve us.
N.G. “ Global Electrical Engineering giant ”
Synthane Taylor has always been a good conscientious supplier with good quality products, great customer service and on-time delivery.
S.C. “ Leader in Electronics Components and Subassemblies ”
During the past year we have ordered many items – some straight forward, others more complex, and some, because of customer demands, time sensitive. Synthane Taylor’s service and delivery has been outstanding. I even drove to your facility where several of your employees worked beyond their normal shift to complete a rush order for one of our valued customers. Keep up the great work ethic!
P.H. “ Leading Power and Automation Systems manufacturer ”
We substituted one of our main materials (stainless steel) with a Synthane product. This allowed us to cut our production cost by shortening our machining time by 30% and passing the cost savings to our end customer. Today our business is healthy and the future looks bright.
M.R. “ Canadian Machinery + Controls manufacturer ”
Synthane Taylor helped fine tune / productionize a product that while mature, required it to be manufacturable and more reliable. They did that for us.
E.V. “ Prominent Electronics Devices manufacturer ”
Excellent service, friendly correspondence.
M.Z. “ Hi-Voltage Electrical Apparatus contractor “
Excellent service and stock always available.
V.N. “ Leading Canadian Distributor “
We are quite pleased with the excellent service we receive from Synthane Taylor.
M.G. “ Global Electrical Engineering giant “
We have been purchasing products from Synthane Taylor since January 2006 and always had good service and good quality which is very important to us.
Y.L. “ Cutting-edge Specialty Motor manufacturer “
Always there with service; always there with quality; Synthane is always there to give us support on our projects and they really collaborate with us to make our life easier. When you deal with Synthane Taylor, you know things are going to happen. Thx guys
K.W. “ Global Engineering Services provider “
I have been purchasing Synthane’s insulation board for over 15 yrs. It has been one of our more consistent items. I find that the product is excellent and, more importantly, I enjoy working with Synthane Taylor’s staff with whom I have established a concrete relationship.
S.M. “ Thermal and Thermo-Electrical Solutions provider”
I wanted to take one minute to say thank you for you support in getting us supplied with parts. This shortage was due to our inventory error and you saved the day! Thanks again for you dedication to us your customer.
D.M. “World leader in Electronics Controls and Digital Technology“