Synthane Taylor wedgesSynthane Taylor is an independent source for insulation components and has the ability to supply Electric Motor Topsticks and Wedges in numerous standard sizes and in shapes that are compatible with most makes, models and manufacturers. We can also produce motor parts from drawings or based on samples provided from the actual machine being repaired.

Our wedges are smooth and strong, so they are easy to drive. They are made with Glass Epoxy high pressure laminates G-10, G-11. We also use Glass Polyester products EMD and H755 as alternatives.

G-10 Glass Epoxy is a 130C Class B material
Haysite H755 Glass Polyester is a 155C Class F material
G-11 Glass Epoxy is a 180C Class H material
Haysite EMD Glass Polyester is a 180C Class H material

Whether you require armature wedges or slot wedges in 36” lengths or wedges “made-to-measure” we can help with our 25 years of experience serving the Motor Repair industry.


Read below for technical information about our Wedge line



Standard Wedge Sizes
Part # Height (in) AnyWidth 

Between (in)

K 72300 0.300
wedge specs
K 72442 0.442
K 90443 0.443
wedge specs
K 90775 0.775
K 125527 0.527
wedge specs
K 125700 0.700
K 150650 0.650
wedge specs
K 150899 0.899
K 188600 0.600
wedge specs
K 1881225 1.225

We have been using Synthane Taylor as a supplier of wedges for many years.

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