High Voltage Solutions

Highly reliable generators are used to efficiently produce electricity in big thermal and hydro-power plants. Enormous electrical and mechanical stresses occur during operation.

Application Description
Conductive Tape
Conductive glass cloth
Conductive tape
Conductive PET fleece laminate
Thermosetting mica paper laminate, remains semi-flexible after cure
Mica paper laminated to glass cloth, remains flexible when fully cured
Magnetic wedge
iron powder filled epoxy laminate
Resin rich epoxy glass prepreg
Resin rich groundwall
Thermosetting mica paper laminate with a glass cloth carrier
Sealing tape
Red-brown, thermosetting epoxy/Pet cloth
Semi-conductive tape
semi-conductive thermosetting PET fabric tape
Single conductor insulation
Mica paper laminated to PET film
Conductive epoxy glass laminate
Spacer Filling
Expandable porous epoxy laminate
VPI groundwall
Mica paper laminate with a glass cloth carrier
VPI groundwall
Mica paper laminate with a PET film carrier
VPI groundwall
Highly absorbant mica paper laminated to a polyester fleece
Wedge, spacer
Epoxy glass fiber laminate with temperature resistant resin system

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