[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Synthane Taylor is a leading manufacturer, distributor and precision fabricator in the field of composite laminates. We have been providing solutions to small, medium, and global businesses and exceeding customer expectations for over 50 years.

Synthane Taylor manufactures a complete line of insulation components for hydro electric, nuclear, and wind power generation applications. Our insulation material is offered in sheet, tube, channel and fabricated into precise shapes based on your drawings and specifications including such parts as:


Stator Insulation



Side Packing

Top and Side Ripple Spring

Series Caps


Rotor Insulation



Bus Work Supports

Support Saddles




Field Poles

Pole Collars

Spacer Blocks

End Blocks


Air Baffles

Thrust Bearing Washers




Expect from Synthane Taylor:

– Lead times and prices to support OEM and refurbishment requirements
– Manufacturing expertise in all Wedge styles
– Able to hold tight tolerances consistently over large lot quantities
– Full material certification with each shipment
– Top level quality that allows for product shipped direct to site
– Top and Side Ripple Spring in stock



For more information, contact Synthane Taylor at:



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